The Group had its beginnings in interior design at its inception. Its goal then was to have practicality and aesthetics be mutually inclusive qualities in our work, contrary to popular belief that it could not be done. Many of the Group’s early projects were small scale during that time. As the projects got larger in scope so did the need to collaborate with third party vendors such as builders and contractors. However, efforts to coordinate with them often proved to be difficult, and sometimes even detrimental to our clients. Any miscommunication between all parties easily cost our clients’ time and money. In the worst case scenario, the client would end up with an unsatisfactory end result that could not be a further representation of the Group’s founding goals.

As such, the Group expanded its services into construction and carpentry. With direct control over a broader spectrum of services required by many of our clients, it became easier to maintain quality control over the end product. This structure allowed us to be highly transparent and accountable for the work rendered while providing the best quality. We knew what to expect at every turn with little to no surprises to be brought on by third party vendors. Now clients typically are not served with unexpected surprises and many have come to recognise this as the Group’s singularly recognised quality.

These days, the Group consistently delivers on its promise, the find harmony between the practical and the aesthetically pleasing in any space that we work on, both residential and commercial.


Symbolically, in Irish legends, the clover and its three leaves represent faith, hope and love. And ever so rarely, one will possess a fourth leaf that represents luck. It is said that any person who stumbles across one will be imbued with lots of luck.

However, Clover represents more than luck for us; it is an abbreviation of who we are – Christ-lovers. As such, we are motivated to follow principles that honour God:


    We will be upright and honest in our business dealings.


    We are uncompromising at providing the best in design, workmanship and services.


    We aim to bring joy and blessings into every project.



In order to find balance in the spaces we design, create and built, we ourselves must find balance in our lives. And as such, The Clover Group believes that our workplace should be a place that is equal parts work and leisure. Here, we don’t talk just about giving your best; we want you to share the best of yourself. Everyone has their own passion and ideas and we believe that is the most valuable thing about you.

The Clover Group promises to be place that both fun and challenging environment where you can grow and learn in.