We at The Clover Group firmly believe in the principle that form follows function both aesthetically and practically. The difference between a comfortable home and a productive workplace rests solely on the balance between the two.

For the reason, we take a holistic approach to our craft and offer an extensive range of services for major building projects and home constructions – interior design, renovation and carpentry works. Our expertise in these areas allows us to create fabulous spaces from the exterior to the interior.

We are confident in our ability to take on major main construction projects whether it is commercial or residential in nature. Our teams will commit their best to provide excellent service to help you find the perfect balance between beauty and practicality in designing your home or workplace, from the brickwork all the way to your furniture.

Stephen NgManaging Director


It is through the dedication and passion of our people that The Clover Group constantly achieves above and beyond expectations. This extraordinary collection of individuals make the company what it is today.

Managing Director

Stephen always had an eye for precision and detail having started a career as a mechanical engineer before Clover. As such, he is used to dealing with tolerances in the micron level which is well above the requirement of renovation and construction. Ever, since he founded Clover, Stephen has constantly been on the look-out for innovations in design and construction and is always ready to implement them. But no matter the techniques, technology or materials used, his work will always reflect the heart and dreams of his clients.

Stephen’s very passionate about design and building, and has been hands-on in the industry for the past 4 years. He always update himself with the latest in concept design, soft furnishings furniture, household appliances as well as fittings and fixtures.

Existing clients find that they can depend on his knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the best solution and advice for their needs.

Creative Director

Having cut her teeth at spearheading the launch of a brand new product in Malaysia’s audio visual industry, Angeline proved to be very talented, versatile and resourceful individual.

Despite her previous success, her passion her creativity soon lead her into the lighting industry where she quickly rose up the ranks to become the manager for the Artemide, a world-renowned name in designer lighting. There she honed her creative skills at light placement and arrangement, colour scheming and interior decoration. Over those years, she transformed homes and spaces with nothing more than light before joining Clover.

She has since proven to be more than capable at sculpting home with planed spacing, colours and furnishing.


The highly trained personnel of Clover are a passionate group who possess the initiative to handle all you needs. Whatever the task, they will rise the challenge, all the while ensuring impeccable quality in their work.